Friday Night Funkin (FNF) Games

FNF was originally released in 2020 for Windows PCs and also as a web version. The developer of this application is Cameron Tyler, better known on the forums as Ninjamuffin99. FNF is open source, written using the OpenFL library, and the programming language is Haxe. This means no hacking is required.

Musical game in the style of Ritm’n’Map. The gameplay is similar to Dance Dance Revolution and Oni. Visually resembles flash games of the early 2000s, since the design uses raster graphics (no pixelation when scaling).

Due to the availability of open source, fans later ported it to Linux, macOS, and Android. And in 2021, it is also planned to be released on the current generations of PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch (without physical copies, it is planned to be sold only through online platforms).

System requirements are not stated by the developer. But the game with an acceptable FPS works even on the graphics integrated into the processors with support for hardware acceleration in the web interface. FNF will also work on weaker PCs.

The history of development

From the developer's posts, it is known that the game was originally developed within the framework of Ludum Dare, that is, a competition for the accelerated release of portable game projects. After - its free version was posted on the Newgrounds portal, where it gained immense popularity both among ordinary users and among those who modify the source code to add new functions and capabilities to the application. And then the gameplay began to be actively broadcast on the YouTube and Twitch portals, thanks to which the game attracted a multimillion audience.

It was after this that Cameron Tyler announced that he plans to officially release an updated version of it, adding support for other current gaming platforms. Friday Night Funkin is being promoted without a publisher, and Tyler has taken over all the development costs. No information was provided on the budget involved.

What kind of game is it?

Friday Night Funkin is a collection of musical battles. The main character of BF, whose task is to attract the attention of his girlfriend GF. But their relationship is hampered by the girl's dad (who is called Daddy Dearest). And in order to gain his trust, BF decides to showcase his musical talent by battling various characters in musical battles.

During the song, you need to timely, in the rhythm of the playing music, press the arrows on the keyboard according to the current instructions on the screen. At the bottom of the gameplay, the battle scale is displayed, as well as points (common for the entire game campaign). It fills up if the player presses the correct commands on time. Decreases if wrong. A victory is considered a case when the scale is completely filled, which indicates the victory of the BF over its opponent.

You need to win 3 victories over each opponent. In each new battle, a new musical composition is used, the number of arrows and the speed of their movement increase.

There is no plot explanation in the game itself. The description is provided by the developer himself based on the design documentation created during the development process. In the future, with the release of the updated version of Friday Night Funkin, this deficiency is planned to be eliminated by adding cut-scenes to the gameplay.