FNF DA Games Edition

The main character of this game does not intend to mess around for a long time, so he goes to the competition for the best vocalists again. There he will have to fight with strong rivals, whom he must defeat with your help. Pay special attention to the icons that appear and press the necessary arrows on the keyboard in a timely manner.

Select the game mode in Friday Night Funkin' (FNF) DA Games Edition by choosing story or free. Then, depending on your skills, choose low, medium or high difficulty level. Select a track to play shortly. After setting the necessary settings, you will be transported to the place where the enemy will be waiting. The main character is on the right side of the screen, after the sound signal, the elements will start from the bottom, and you need to click on the keyboard arrows in accordance with the pop-up icons. An indicator is displayed at the bottom, and if you fake it, the enemy icon will nudge the hero icon. Avoid a negative outcome by filling the indicator with the first opponent.

FNF DA Games Edition
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