FNF vs Senpai

Welcome to the third playground of the Friday Night Funkin musical arcade characters! Here you can meet different characters and try them out in battles. Each of these funny and sometimes very scary characters have their own characteristics that it would be nice to study before entering the musical battle with them.

On each of the test areas of Friday Night Funkin (FNF) vs Senpai game, you will see a set of your favorite characters, with whom you will have the opportunity to fight for the place of the leader. Choose any of them and engage in rhythmic battle with it. The rules of the game are simple: to the sounding melodies, click on the arrows on the keyboard, repeating the movement of the arrows on the screen. The game perfectly pumps concentration of attention, reaction speed and agility, so during the game you quietly improve very important skills.

FNF vs Senpai
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