FNF vs Henry the Stickman

This is another of the most interesting and unusual modifications of the famous game. It is in it that the musical confrontation between the protagonist and Henry Stickman will take place. The player will face a real battle, the victory in which will go to the most persistent owner of excellent hearing.

It is worth noting that in this part it became more difficult to reproduce the rhythm, but for those who have already managed to hone their skills in past mods, it will be quite easy. If Friday Night Funkin (FNF) Vs Henry the Stickman is the first game of its kind in a player's arsenal, then you should start getting to know it with the help of the guides.

The main goal of this game is to match the arrows on the monitor that are pressed by the user's fingers. Arrows appear quite quickly, so it is worth being vigilant and adjusting to speed. One has only to start the desired one of the available melodies and catch the rhythm like a real pro. This mod will allow you to participate in musical battles, as well as fight against the enemy Henry. At first it will be difficult to resist him, because Stickman is an experienced musician. That is why it is recommended to complete the training by completing a certain number of tasks, which will serve as a guide to further actions in the future. If there is confidence in future actions, then it is worth trying to go through the story without preparatory stages.

The musical rival sets the tempo and composition, so you cannot hesitate, you have to pull yourself together and try to interpret what you see and hear into a quality musical composition. The bars at the bottom next to the heroes show the distance to victory. There are not as many tunes in this mod as we would like, but they are all melodic and quite fast. All that is needed is the correct touch of your fingers to the keys that appear on the monitor. A sense of rhythm and precision will help you achieve a winning result.

FNF vs Henry the Stickman
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