FNF Mods

Discover the world of FNF mods, where you will be entertained by the fiery rhythms of Friday Night Funkin at any time. FNF mods were created based on the original game, with the addition of different characters that have long been known to many gamers. The protagonist of FNF mods is Boyfriend, who will participate in musical battles for the sake of his girlfriend. Her parents will allow them to be together only after the guy defeats all rivals in the musical field.

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How to play Friday Night Funkin

In FNF mods, you have to fight hundreds of opponents who have come at the request of Daddy Dearest and Mommy Must Murder. Parents of the Girlfriend specially gathered an army of opponents in order to test BF abilities to the maximum. If at least one FNF mod our hero loses, then a couple of lovers will no longer be able to be together, because relatives will not allow it.

FNF mods controls

In all Friday Night Funkin mods, you need to catch the arrows in time, which will move around the screen. To do this, at some point you need to press the arrow keys or WASD. If at least one element is not caught in FNF mods, then there is a risk of defeat, which will lead to the collapse of the relationship of a couple in love. In the process of playing Friday Night Funkin, a lot depends on you, and most importantly, this is the fate of our protagonist. Your sense of musical rhythm will show up in every FNF mod and will be noticeable in the rounds. It's time to test your musical talent.