Virus R FNF

In this new Virus R FNF mod, Boyfriend will have a hard time as he will fight in a Friday Night Funkin musical duel with very talented oriental girls. They are very skilled at rapping and many artists can't beat them. BF is an experienced singer, but even he had some doubts about his victory this time.

Virus R FNF mod is filled with top musical compositions that make you want to move and sing. Girlfriend, sitting on a music column and watching the competition, dances, not embarrassed that her boyfriend might lose. This Friday Night Funkin mod will be super difficult, because our hero has never sung Chinese rap. Before a real fight, you need to prepare well so as not to fall face down in the dirt. Boyfriend was lucky in one thing, because he used to go to Chinese language courses, and therefore it will be easier for him in this fight.

Virus R FNF
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