FNF vs Rainbow Friends Chapter 1

The heroes from FNF vs Rainbow Friends Chapter 1 mod will try to defeat the Boyfriend and get into a world they have never been in in order to create problems there. BF got into an unpleasant situation again, because he was challenged to a duel by terrible monsters, the battle with which would not be very easy. Firstly, they are huge, and secondly, they are very evil, which in turn endangers the young rapper and his close friends.

There will be three large monsters in FNF vs Rainbow Friends Chapter 1 mod that will move very aggressively, scaring their opponent with this. But our main character is not a coward, and it is also impossible to surprise or frighten him with some giants. He has seen much and competed with even more dangerous enemies. If you remember all your past, it will immediately become clear that there were situations and more acute. What is only the appearance of Sonic EXE, which has black eyes and huge white teeth. Remember the situation with Huggy Wuggy, who ran through the black tunnel after the Boyfriend. In this FNF mod, all these monsters will be defeated by our cool rapper and we have no doubt about it.

FNF vs Rainbow Friends Chapter 1
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