FNF Dave and Bambi 3.0

The new version of FNF 3.0 with old friends Dave and Bambi, who can rap cool and amuse the audience. Boyfriend is in for another hard day, because these guys are serious about winning and will make every effort to destroy their competitor.

FNF Dave and Bambi 3.0 mod with many unique musical compositions is positive in that each player can show their talent to the maximum. You will not get bored with these guys, because they are always very sociable and cheerful. When the tournament starts, you will be able to see how the spectators in the stands will react to these participants. Your task in the FNF mod is to skillfully control your main character so that he wins among all the participants in this musical event. If he loses, then his friends may be disappointed in him. Good mood while playing!

FNF Dave and Bambi 3.0
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