FNF vs Metal Sonic OVA

This awesome FNF vs Metal Sonic OVA mod features musical battles between the blue hedgehog and his rivals, who regularly attend Friday Night Funkin. You will control Metal Sonic, who has established himself as a great artist in the music scene.

Friday Night Funkin (FNF) vs Metal Sonic OVA mod will be full of active music and many interesting characters who want to defeat our hero. Actions will take place on an abandoned base, where there is no outside interference. Competitors will control the situation themselves, so you need to behave adequately. The competition will start with the participation of the original Sonic, who will perform a cool music track. Metal Sonic will give him a strong rebuff, since he is already a fairly experienced soloist and not everyone can defeat him. You can control your character with arrow keys or WASD.

FNF vs Metal Sonic OVA
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