FNF vs Trinity (Rewrite V2)

In the new FNF vs Trinity (Rewrite V2) mod, each hero has his own unique feature that will help him pass the level and become the winner. Your task is to find strength in yourself and defeat your opponent. In the game you will need to go through several difficult levels. You can also improve your character and unlock new features for him. If you suddenly fail to pass the level, do not be discouraged, because the game has the ability to start it again.

In order to get the maximum result in FNF vs Trinity (Rewrite V2), you need to be careful, because your every action can affect the outcome of the game. Each of the participants has a unique set of attacks, using which you can win. To do this, you need to press the arrows at the right time so that the hero can repel the attack.

FNF vs Trinity (Rewrite V2)
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