FNF vs Sun - Pico Fangirl FULL WEEK

Experience the ultimate showdown in FNF vs Sun - Pico Fangirl FULL WEEK! This Friday Night Funkin mod takes you on a wild adventure as Pico encounters the enthusiastic Sun, a devoted fan who's absolutely smitten with him.

FNF vs Sun - Pico Fangirl FULL WEEK
Play FNF vs Sun - Pico Fangirl FULL WEEK

As Pico and Boyfriend set out for a leisurely day, they stumble upon a charming cafe. Little do they know, their peaceful hangout will soon turn into a frantic rescue mission. Sun, an ardent Pico admirer, spots her idol and decides she's the perfect match for him. But Pico, cautious of this unexpected encounter, declines her advances, setting the stage for a musical showdown.

Prepare to groove to the beats of three electrifying songs - 'Edgy,' 'Sun,' and 'Terrorize.' Each track offers a unique challenge, and it's up to you to guide Pico and Boyfriend through this hilarious and exhilarating face-off.

Can you help Pico escape the clutches of the Pico Fangirl, Sun, and maintain his composure? Find out as you navigate the rhythm battles and enjoy the quirky storyline of FNF vs Sun - Pico Fangirl FULL WEEK. Get ready to press those keys, and let the music decide their fate!

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