Cuphead FNF mod is going to be challenging because our protagonist has met the devil who also wants to show off his rapping skills. This time you will be in charge of Cuphead, who has a rather friendly face. He intends to win no matter who his opponent is.

Cuphead FNF game is stylized as a classic and even the musical composition itself will be a bit like cartoons from the 90s. Our hero Cuphead is holding a microphone instead of some kind of weapon, because he is going to sing, not do stupid things. The devil will hold a trident pitchfork in his hand, which he will swing during a musical fight. Participants of this competition will meet in a room with round windows. Since Boyfriend is not participating in Cuphead Friday Night Funkin mod, you can see that Girlfriend is not sitting on the music column. Usually she is next to her boyfriend, so you won't see her here either.

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