Friday Night Funkin

Do you know what to do on Friday night? Take part in a Friday Night Funkin’ (FNF) game that will help color any evening with bright colors. You will help one guy in love to achieve the location of a charming beauty. The main difficulty is that a strict father is constantly watching her.

Since the girl's father is a former rock musician, the guy decided to earn his respect by demonstrating his musical talents. Help him with this. First, choose one of the game modes: free game or storyline. The last mode involves a musical competition between a boyfriend and a girl's father, which will last for 6 game weeks. Choose the appropriate difficulty mode and start a musical battle. Use the arrow keys to repeat notes in the order in which they are pronounced by your opponent. The position of each participant in the battle is displayed on a scale in the lower corner of the screen. By choosing the free play mode, you can become a participant in any stage of the music competition. Before starting Friday Night Funkin game, there is an opportunity to complete a training level, which will prepare you for a serious fight.

Friday Night Funkin
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