FNF Sonic.exe Rerun

The new FNF Sonic.exe Rerun mod not only has good graphics, but also good music. The game has an excellent soundtrack that complements everything that happens on the monitor screen, which makes the gameplay even more interesting and exciting.

In FNF Sonic.exe Rerun mod, you will play as a main character who does not want to be defeated, but also cannot let the evil demon win. Your task is to help him complete all levels of the game. To do this, you will need to use various musical skills to attack the enemy. Unlike other games where you have to complete tasks to get ahead, here you don't have that choice. You will fight the enemy in real time, so you will have to react quickly to situations and take action in time. Don't forget that you only have a limited amount of time. Once you are killed, you will lose the ability to complete the level, and you will have to start it again.

FNF Sonic.exe Rerun
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