FNF Wednesday's Infidelity Part 2

In this incredible Friday Night Funkin Wednesday's Infidelity Part 2 mod, a terrible story happened to Mickey Mouse, because he was possessed by the devil, who began to control his body. In order for him to become free, he needs the help of Boyfriend, who must defeat this evil. Since our main character is a very capable guy, he must succeed, but your participation in this process is mandatory.

FNF Wednesday's Infidelity Part 2 mod was created in a retro style, where all the characters will be depicted in black and white, and sometimes there will be a chroma key. Mickey Mouse considered himself a very cool singer and he himself agreed to a musical battle with the devil, but, unfortunately, the enemy won. After that, he became a minion who was possessed by an evil spirit, and began to pursue him on his heels, wherever he was. BF will take on the role of an exorcist because he is already somewhat familiar with such procedures. He fought evil, demon-possessed characters who were dangerous. FNF mod will be very difficult, but you need to save both characters, otherwise Boyfriend will be in big trouble too. Flying arrows will fly lightning fast in some rounds, but you have to shoot them all down. If you have a few inaccurate movements, then we can assume that all the characters are doomed.

FNF Wednesday's Infidelity Part 2
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