FNF Undertale Poopshitters

Welcome to the bizarre and hilarious world of FNF Undertale Poopshitters! Dive into this unique MOD where you guide Boyfriend on an unexpected journey deep underground, surrounded by a cast of absolute goofballs. Your mission? Escape this zany realm or embrace the madness indefinitely. But before you proceed, heed the UNHEALTHY Dog's Warning: Expect no flashing lights, foul language, adult humor, or jumpscares (we think). You absolutely need ZERO BASIC UNDERTALE KNOWLEDGE, and it's best enjoyed by those 15 and above.

FNF Undertale Poopshitters
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What sets this game apart? Well, you won't be resorting to violence to survive; instead, engage in epic rap battles using a distinctive combat system. Time your moves for maximum impact, all while dodging enemy attacks in an action-packed top-down shooter style.

FNF Undertale Poopshitters boasts original art and a soundtrack brimming with quirky charm. Its humor-infused, character-rich story is bound to keep you entertained, and did we mention it's mostly crafted by underpaid kids?

As you journey through this comical underworld, forge unexpected friendships with the bosses, and encounter a surprising number of dogs—starting with 5 and ending... somewhere else? You might even have the chance to date a skeleton, though maybe you'll reconsider. And don't worry about counting the dogs; we've lost track too!

Prepare for a one-of-a-kind gaming experience where hilarity and absurdity reign supreme. Can you escape this wacky world, or will you embrace the madness? Dive into FNF Undertale Poopshitters and find out!

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