FNF vs Indie Cross V2

In this highly anticipated FNF vs Indie Cross V2 mod, you'll have to defeat Cuphead, Sans and Bendy to earn Boyfriend even more respect from his fans. These rivals are very experienced players and therefore it will be difficult to defeat them, and even more so at the same time.

Friday Night Funkin vs Indie Cross V2 mod has received updates with new music hits and a few more interesting features that you will learn about during the battle. Surely you have already played the first version of this FNF mod and you know how difficult it will be to defeat these opponents. Cuphead is a worthy opponent with a very attractive appearance. Looking at him, you immediately want to drink a delicious drink. Other participants of this event also do not stand aside and attract no less attention. Sans in the form of a snowman has already been seen in many Friday Night Funkin mods and therefore it can be concluded that he has a lot of experience. Bendy participates in musical duels a little less often, but here he uses his unsurpassed talent at 100%. Catch arrows to great music hits in crazy duels with popular FNF stars.

FNF vs Indie Cross V2
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