FNF Everywhere At The End Of Funk mod

It's time to bring the arrogant vocalist back to earth, because the coolest in this area is the main character of this game. Together with him, you must prove to opponents who have the courage to challenge him that they will not be able to take the championship.

Decide which mode is best for you. In Friday Night Funkin' (FNF) Everywhere At The End Of Funk mod, set the difficulty level and the music track that will soon be activated during the competition. If you wish, complete the training to test your skills, after which you can move on to more serious tests. At the location with the enemy, you must carefully monitor the elements that appear from below from the side of the placement of the main character. Press the arrows on the keyboard according to the displayed icons so that they line up with each other. You will need to play carefully to fill the scale of the main character, thereby displaying the opponent's icon on the lower indicator and win.

FNF Everywhere At The End Of Funk mod
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