FNF vs Static

In singing, the guy will have to fight with a serious adversary who strives with all his might to defeat the main character. Try to press the appropriate buttons in time so that the boy can beat his rival in a musical competition.

Choose a Friday Night Funkin (FNF) vs Static game mode first, there are several options including a story and free play. Also do not forget to set the difficulty level, and the higher you choose, the faster you will have to press the buttons on the keyboard according to the displayed items. When you find yourself on a location with an enemy, musical sounds will soon be heard, after which you will need to look at the flickering elements on the right side, where the main character is. Press the arrows on the keyboard corresponding to the icons flying from the bottom of the screen. The indicator is located at the bottom, and if your character icon moves the enemy icon, then you are on the right track.

FNF vs Static
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