Friday Night Vibin' Utau Cover

Are you ready to take on the next rivals who imagine themselves to be great singers? To do this, accept the challenge of self-proclaimed vocalists and sing so that they immediately understand about their minimal chances of winning.

The opponents are different, with little singing experience or a lot of practice. It all depends on what level of difficulty of the test and which track you choose. To test your own skills, go through the training in Friday Night Vibin' Utau Cover game, which will help you practice before facing worthy opponents. There are opponents playing alone and in pairs, so evaluate your skills. On the right side of the screen, arrows are displayed that must be pressed on the keyboard at a certain moment. If the icons match, then you can move the main character's icon along the lower indicator, thereby moving the enemy's icon. The winner is the one who displaces the opponent from the indicator.

Friday Night Vibin' Utau Cover
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