FNF Minus

This mod is one of the most voluminous in terms of updated visualization of the familiar heroes of the game of the same name. The style of play will be perceived in a completely new way. BF familiar blue hair will be tucked away under a collection of different hats. GF also expects changes that differ from its normal rendering. The mod will give more emotions to characters whose reactions are interesting to watch during the game.

In Friday Night Funkin (FNF) Minus, heroes reincarnate, but remain recognizable. While BF will initially look like a guy with a naked, venomous green torso, there are still a few more rendering options to choose from. For example, a guy with blue skin, including hair, or a variant with a cocky appearance. The guy's girlfriend, in turn, will be presented in a raspberry-red shade. She is wearing a black swimsuit, fishnet tights and high heels. The game's antagonist is the girl's father. With this mod, his skin will turn purple and his eyes will turn yellow. Another opponent of the pair is Pico, who looks more like a dragon or a lizard. The girl's mom looks new too.

It is worth remembering that the goal of the FNF is still unshakable, you need to take your beloved away from rivals and earn a chance to meet her. Fighting in musical battles, the user is required to press the keys in accordance with the arrows that appear on the screen. The musical rhythm and the allotted time will not let you relax, otherwise the enemy will win.

FNF Minus
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