FNF vs Sunday Remastered

You have competed with many rivals in this game, but you have not yet had a musical battle with a real rock singer. This girl's name is Sunday, and she has very powerful vocal abilities, so not every singer will be able to surpass her. If you are a true Friday Night Funkin fan, then most likely you already have experience performing complex musical compositions.

Friday Night Funkin (FNF) vs Sunday Remastered is a difficult mod, because you have to fight with a real professional of the rock scene with aggressive music. But your main character is not a coward at all, he has already defeated many musicians and therefore will overcome this fight 100%. Not everyone will like this release, as it is intended for rock lovers. Pop music will definitely not be here, so the rhythm will be active and frantic. You need to help BF cope with this simple task, as it will be very difficult for him himself.

Press the desired keyboard buttons to move the main character's icon to the left. If he moves to the right, you will lose and you will have to start the level over. But even if this happens, do not be discouraged, next time you will definitely succeed!

FNF vs Sunday Remastered
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