FNF vs Flexy Merchant

Excellent FNF continues to delight us with cool mods, and this time we invite you to get acquainted with a new mod in which you will fight against Flexy. It all starts with the fact that you will control the guy who fell so deeply in love with the girl sitting on the music speakers. To impress her, you need to beautifully perform the songs that will sound in this remix.

In order to start Friday Night Funkin (FNF) VS Flexy Merchant game, you will need to take a few pieces of music for your performance. They can be selected in two modes: free play, by the type of training, and also in the story mode, where you will need to perform sequential actions song by song. It will be extremely difficult for you, but in order to win the battle with the rival Flexy, you will definitely be able to make progress in musical performance. Your task is to correctly and deftly press the arrows that will appear on the game screen on the right. Have a good time and win the battle!

FNF vs Flexy Merchant
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