FNF StarCatcher

This time, the main character goes into space with his girlfriend, where they can show how well they can beat the rhythm of the soundtrack. Play as a guy by pressing buttons in a timely manner and increasing his chances of winning.

In the main menu of Friday Night Funkin' (FNF) StarCatcher game, you need to select the difficulty level, and then stop at the music track you like. Music will sound when the hero is transported to a specific location and starts a battle. Pay attention to the arrows on the right, where the main character is. There they will be periodically displayed, the main thing is to press the appropriate button on the keyboard at the right time. If the actions are performed correctly, the bottom indicator will fill in your favor, this will be visible when the main character's icon moves to the right. If the icon moves to the left, then you are doing something wrong and you may lose. Good luck.

FNF StarCatcher
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