FNF vs Flippy

Boyfriend continues to participate in new musical battles and invites you to fight the rather dangerous green bear Flippy. If you are a fan of a cartoon featuring this unusual character, then you know how dangerous he can be if he breaks free.

Friday Night Funkin (FNF) vs Flippy mod will be challenging even for professional players as the speed of the moving arrows will be lightning fast. So practice before starting the game. If you have already acquired all the skills you need to play flawlessly, and you can easily play even a difficult melody, then choose the professional mode and join the battle.

Beginners are encouraged to practice the simplest melodies. The rules are simple: repeat the movements of the arrows on the screen by pressing them on the keyboard. You win if you don’t lose the rhythm and do not mix up the keys. Good luck!

FNF vs Flippy
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