Friday Night Fever

New strong rivals and new melodies await you in the game. This time your opponent will be a very experienced street performer known as Fever. This beauty knows a lot about how to ignite the audience, because she has a great voice and knows how to dance beautifully. Perhaps this is one of the strongest contenders in the entire series.

The competition in Friday Night Fever (FNF) game will cost you incredible effort, but you will still prove to all your opponents that BF is the best singer. Do not be alarmed and do not give up ahead of time, because your hero also knows how to beat the rhythm. He has a very strong incentive, since a date with his beloved is at stake, so he is ready to surpass any rival. He needs a little help, namely, to carefully monitor which arrows are displayed on the screen, and press the same ones on the keyboard. We wish you great music!

Friday Night Fever
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