FNF vs Carol v2

All for the sake of love, experience and victory - this is the motto of your hero, who decided to fight Carol, a black girl who can sing a rap. Will she be able to resist your hero, who won many music competitions? Maybe this time the girl for whom he started all this will understand that there is no better singer than this cheerful guy!

In Friday Night Funkin (FNF) VS Carol v2 game, we look at the arrows that appear, try to press the keys correctly and in time, and, of course, we go to victory. Well, the victory will go only to the one who occupies the entire battle line. Your hero's line is marked in green, his opponent's line is red, now try to make your hero's line, that is, green, occupy the entire strip. As soon as she closes the opponent's line, the victory will be yours! Have a good time and win the battle!

FNF vs Carol v2
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