FNF Week 7

You've probably gone through all six weeks of Friday Night Funkin with ease and enthusiasm and are eagerly ready to begin the seventh.

Friday Night Funkin' (FNF) Week 7 has a bright and rich plot, elaborate details and new possibilities. It is also worth noting that the songs become even more memorable and dynamic, you will definitely like them. So, choose the difficulty level and let's go.

The main enemy of the week 7 is the Tankman, the vicious and merciless leader of the tank army. Our beloved hero, BF, without bothering anyone, as always wants to just have fun with his girlfriend, but this did not happen. Tankers appear out of nowhere, and clearly not with good intentions. And their leader immediately orders to kill the girl. By the way, the girl is not the most frightened of all, while two huge blasters are directed at her, she sits on the speaker, trembling from the bass, and happily waves her arms, supporting her beloved in this deadly musical battle.

So, we enter a musical battle with the enemy, and our nerves are at the limit, because the muzzles of the pistols are aimed at our beloved GF, and the aggressive tankers are just waiting for the order to fire. The main task in the game is not to yawn and quickly shake the arrows to become the winner in the rap duel. Experienced players who have already gained experience on the previous six levels will definitely pass this stage with ease and will not give up their positions.

In the first rap battle, you will surely win without difficulty. This insults the opponent, who does not miss the opportunity to offend both you and your girlfriend, saying that she is wearing her mother's clothes. The girl is crying, but this is not for long, now we will cheer her up. Let's go further!

The next melody is three times faster, but you will definitely love its rhythm. Reach out and hit keys at breakneck speed to defeat your opponent in this musical battle! We wish you good luck in your victory.

FNF Week 7
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