Pico Night Punkin'

In Pico Night Punkin' modification, players will find new color schemes, musical compositions and visualizations of the main characters. Characters wear updated clothing with pixelated accents, catchy accessories, intriguing backgrounds, and cut scenes. With renewed vigor, they are ready for the coming battles with fresh musical compositions.

The pixel style in the design of this mod will appeal to connoisseurs of the game. The characters become more interesting and the melodies are harder to interpret on the keyboard. In this mod, the player will face characters already known to him, but in a modified interpretation.

The guy still seeks to get the location of the beauty, who, although afraid of what is happening, but loves to listen to high-quality music. The player will have to work hard to keep up with the opponent, since skipping notes significantly lengthens the opponent's life line. The game is designed for a period during which the user has the right to choose the degree of optimal difficulty for passing it. It should be noted that the lineups remained the same. To defeat the enemy, it is worth showing your skills at all levels, while the musical compositions are accelerated.

Pico Night Punkin'
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