FNF vs Trollface Trollge

Musical duels of our main character with various opponents have become a real trend. Today the well-known Trollface has joined the ranks of your opponents. Yes, he did not shine with musical talents, but he underwent serious training to compete with the boy in love.

Friday Night Funkin (FNF) vs Trollface Trollge game has two modes: Stories and Free play. The first of them involves consistent participation in battles with opponents. The free play mode will give you the right to independently choose the opponent with whom the guy will enter the musical battle. Use the ARROW KEYS to help him play notes by repeating combinations after opponents. This is not an easy task as the arrows will move at a very high speed. Not only do you need to press the keys on time, but also the arrows do not need to be confused. Do everything without mistakes to win.

FNF vs Trollface Trollge
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