FNF Music 3D

The guy Friday does not sit still, but constantly strives to take part in various competitions, where he wants to prove that he is the best performer of songs of all time. Help the young man defeat rivals seeking to defeat him.

In the main menu of Friday Night Funkin (FNF) Music 3D game, select a mode from the two offered: story or free. Decide on the level of difficulty and the character with whom you will fight. Control the character using the arrows located on the keyboard. When you find yourself in a location with your opponent, wait for the moment with the display of icons on the screen. For example, if an up arrow appears on the playing field, then press the same button on the keyboard. Sometimes you come across a combination of several identical elements following each other, so you need to hold down a certain key. If the elements on the screen and the keyboard match, the game continues, otherwise the hero is faked and the opponent has a better chance of winning.

FNF Music 3D
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