Today you will have a musical battle with a very strong and dangerous enemy, who is not only a real professional, but also a ferocious demon who is not ready to concede victory to anyone. You will have to try very hard to help the guy in love win the title of the winner.

Friday Night Funkin' (FNF) vs AGOTI game includes three modes, from which you can choose any. The free game will give you the opportunity to give preference to absolutely any character with whom Boyfriend will fight in a musical battle. If you choose the story mode, then in this case, together with the character, you will consistently take part in battles with various opponents, including the powerful demon AGOTI. Endless battle will let you enjoy unlimited battles with real music professionals. Whichever mode you choose, you will have the same task - to help the Guy win every battle, accurately repeating all the notes pronounced by the opponents. To do this, you need to deftly slide your fingers over the arrow keys. Each mode has new options that will make the gameplay even cooler and more interesting.


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