FNF: Annie Custom Week

The guy in love needs your help again to defeat all the music giants he has to fight. Vocalist Annie joined her ranks by performing three new musical compositions at the competition.

Friday Night Funkin' (FNF): Annie Custom Week game has two mods, from which you can choose any. Free play gives you the right to give preference to any music week. In this case, you can abandon the competition with the already familiar characters and immediately start the battle with the black-haired singer Annie. This will happen during the third week, which you can choose. If you still want to participate in all the music contests that will take place sequentially over several weeks, you should choose the level mode. To win each music competition, the playable character must match exactly the note combinations that his opponents will play during the battle. Here you can help him by memorizing these combinations and then replaying them using the arrow keys. It is worth remembering that you will need a fast song playback speed.

FNF: Annie Custom Week
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