The tests of the protagonist continue, because there will always be those who want to throw him off the pedestal. Help the boy not to lose his old skills and defeat all rivals in singing who are going to take the champion title from him.

In the main menu, select the Friday Night Funkin (FNF) HELLBEATS game mode, then the difficulty level: expert, hard, hell, which determines the speed of movement of the elements. Next, set the desired track that will be played during the competition with another participant. Arrows are displayed on the right, and you need to find them on your keyboard in order to press in a timely manner. With the correct and timely execution of the action, the scale of the protagonist is filled on the lower indicator. If you accidentally make a mistake, the enemy icon will move to your side. Victory is awarded to the one who is the first to push the opponent out of the indicator. Have a good time and win the battle!


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