FNF vs Pixelated Shaggy

Meet the new, cool and crazy game Friday Night Funkin! Here you will be active to the fullest, do not even hesitate! Quirky beats, cool music tracks, stylish characters and an incredibly incendiary atmosphere will accompany you in this game.

In Friday Night Funkin (FNF) vs Pixelated Shaggy game, you need to clearly press the arrows on the keyboard, which will appear on the screen in sync with the notes, and at the same time try not to get lost. In order for the main character to go on a date with his beloved, you need to cleanly perform the composition. Only in this way will her father be able to see how talented the guy is, and will allow his daughter to date him. So mobilize your agility and speed of reaction, because the guy's personal life is at stake. Help him achieve a clear goal.

FNF vs Pixelated Shaggy
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