KAPI did not want the boy to occupy a leading position in vocals, so he decided to arrange a competition and challenged the boy to a musical duel. Help the main character defeat his opponent in singing, and also make it clear to other opponents that they have no chance of winning.

Once you have decided on the Friday Night Funkin (FNF) VS KAPI game mode, difficulty level and track, move on to the competition. The strategy of the game is to timely press the buttons on the keyboard in accordance with the displayed elements on the screen to the right, where the main character himself is. If you perform the correct actions, then its scale on the lower indicator will fill, and the enemy icon will disappear. When you push your opponent out of the indicator, you win the competition. Do not make mistakes when clicking on the arrows, otherwise you will lose very quickly. You have to be very careful and fast in this game. We wish you victory in this challenging musical duel.

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