Pico Untamed Demo

How many friends are left locked up after the failed musical battle of the little red-haired hero? Imagine they are still in captivity. But this cannot go on forever, they need to be saved, and there is only one way to save them - to go to the world of Friday Night Funkin ', where a large number of different puzzles and tasks await him.

Walking in a Pico Untamed Demo game without a weapon is suicide, so you need to arm yourself and at the first stage a pistol will be prepared for the kid. By the way, you will need to use it very soon, because behind one of the doors you will meet a guard shooting at everything that moves. Having shot the guard in the horned helmet, you will find the keys to the dungeon and can free one of your friends. Keep up the good work and leave the rest to yourself.

Pico Untamed Demo
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