FNF Refresh

Musical duels, the ultimate goal of which is to earn the respect of the girl's father. A young guy is in love with her, who is trying with all his might to be close to the beauty. Today the next stage of musical battles begins, the victory in which depends on you.

In Friday Night Funkin' (FNF) Refresh Mod, the hero will have to enter into a musical battle with both familiar opponents and new musicians. There are two modes here, from which you can choose any depending on how you want to spend the near future. If you are driven by the desire to constantly participate in music contests that will take place over several game weeks, then you should give preference to the story mode. In this case, you will move from one round to another, participating in battles with various opponents. If you choose the free play mode, then you will have the opportunity to independently choose any of the game rounds in order to compete for victory in it. In both modes, you have to help the character repeat the combination of notes pronounced by the opponents. This can be done using the arrow keys.

FNF Refresh
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