FNF vs Zardy

The modification for the cult game Friday Night Funkin gives all its fans access to an impressive amount of qualitatively new content.

The creators of Friday Night Funkin' (FNF) vs Zardy mod have left unchanged only the gameplay, which has already managed to fall in love with millions of users around the world. All game levels and locations, musical accompaniment and characters were created from scratch according to a unique idea.

The new mod has its own storyline. The player is invited to plunge into the history of an unnamed traveler who got lost at night in a corn field. On the way, the main character meets the ominous stuffed Zardy, with whom he will have to fight in a musical battle.

To defeat the enemy, you need to accurately catch the rhythm of each melody and quickly respond and press the buttons indicated on the screen. During the competition, points are awarded in real time. The winner will be either the main character or the scarecrow, depending on who gets the most points.

FNF vs Zardy
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