FNF vs Chara 2.0

The FNF vs Chara 2.0 mod is a fan-made addition to the Friday Night Funkin' game, which has gained a considerable following due to its catchy beats and colorful characters. The mod introduces a new character, Chara, from the game Undertale, who takes on the protagonist in a musical showdown. While the original mod had limited content, the new version offers players more songs to enjoy.

FNF vs Chara 2.0
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Gameplay and Features

The FNF vs Chara 2.0 mod includes a range of exciting features that make it stand out from the original game. One of the main features is the introduction of Chara, who serves as the antagonist to the protagonist, Boyfriend. Chara is a character from Undertale, who is known for her dark and twisted personality. The mod brings Chara to life in a whole new way, with her devilish smile and eerie presence adding a sense of unease to the game.

In terms of gameplay, the FNF vs Chara 2.0 mod is similar to the original game. Players must hit the correct arrow keys to match the beat and progress through the song. The mod includes one full week and one freeplay song, both of which are challenging and fun to play. The songs are accompanied by unique backgrounds and animations, which add to the overall experience.


One of the best things about the FNF vs Chara 2.0 mod is its accessibility. Unlike other mods, which require players to download and install the game, this mod can be played directly in the browser. This means that players can enjoy the game without having to worry about installing additional software or using up valuable storage space on their device.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the FNF vs Chara 2.0 mod is an excellent addition to the Friday Night Funkin' game. It offers players a new challenge, with unique songs and characters that add to the overall experience. The mod is also accessible, making it easy for players to enjoy without having to jump through hoops. Whether you're a fan of the original game or just looking for a new musical challenge, the FNF vs Chara 2.0 mod is definitely worth checking out.

Made by s0kudo (Musician, Coder), AmazeinG666 (Main Artist), vel_zz (Charter), curious. (Charter), s0kudo (Main Developer), Rishimazza (Music), Rebels_Requiem745 (Artist), TaeSkull (Musician), turtloid (Charter), Eggplant (Art), Fire_MF (Charts) and Toby Fox (Creator of Undertale).

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