FNF vs UnderTale

An Friday Night Funkin game in which Undertale will do whatever it takes to perform better than Boyfriend. To start a musical battle, you will need to find your opponent in a specific room. On the way there will be various obstacles and labyrinths. Don't get lost in these rooms as you have to sing a cool song to get your girlfriend.

In Friday Night Funkin (FNF) vs Undertale mod, the songs are going to be difficult, so practice it to get it right. You will play as Boyfrned, and he already has a lot of experience in performing tracks, so join the musical battles and help him win the next one. This time your opponent will be too strong, so you will have to prepare very well. To sing beautifully, you will need to press the arrows on the keyboard, and only in this case the victory scale will move in your direction.

FNF vs UnderTale
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