Sonic.EXE vs Monika.EXE FNF Mod

It's time for Sonic.EXE and Monika.EXE to meet in Friday Night Funkin (FNF) mod and have another musical battle to see who will be considered the best singer. They have been planning this meeting for a long time, so this mod did not appear by chance. For the fight, it was planned to introduce new musical compositions to make it harder to compete.

The background of this game will be gloomy to match the participants. In Sonic.EXE vs Monika.EXE FNF mod, the rhythm will be very dynamic and beyond the power of every player. Only a professional can cope with the task, and an ordinary player, in order to get even a little closer to this level, needs to practice well in a free play. If you start competitions without skills, then it will be a waste of time. The main characters are very aggressive and ready to tear each other apart with their sharp fangs. They also try to scare the enemy with a frightening look, opening their black eyes wider. Monika.EXE clothes are a little weird and tattered, while Sonic.EXE doesn't have any at all. Play and get a powerful experience to show your friends what a cool player you are.

Sonic.EXE vs Monika.EXE FNF Mod
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