Ronnie McNutt FNF mod

In Ronnie McNutt FNF mod, the brave Boyfriend has a difficult and dangerous mission. It was he who was instructed to find and deliver to the base a certain substance that was developed in secret laboratories and is now carefully guarded. Friday Night Funkin is a fierce struggle in the name of a great goal. Our protagonist was successfully delivered directly to enemy territory. The helicopter was not shot down by the enemy, which gave the talented rapper endless possibilities.

In Ronnie McNutt FNF mod, overcoming the resistance of the enemy, the guy confidently moves towards the object. And although the arsenal of musical instruments is small at first, it is quite enough to perform high-quality rap. Hit your opponent with your vocals to make them fall. The main thing is to reach the finish line and complete the task at any cost. If Boyfriend is defeated, at the end of a certain stage, he will resurrect and continue the fight further. Good luck and new victories.

Ronnie McNutt FNF mod
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