Pokémon run

Headquarters are in trouble due to the lack of Poké Balls in the warehouse. This terrible loss can and must be replenished by sending small monsters on the wanted list. Pokemon Run game is very exciting, because the locations are diverse, the assistants are faithful and, apparently, can fulfill any of your wishes. Despite the fact that the disappearance was discovered quite recently, although a day has passed since the disappearance, the chances of finding everything are quite high.

Pokémon run

At the moment, trainers do not need to act directly, because they can send their monsters on the hunt. They will happily complete any missions, go through the most difficult locations and much more. The hunt promises to be very interesting, because there are traps everywhere that will weaken, even kill your character. But don't worry, the game isn't that hard that you won't be able to beat it. Travel the platforms, collect Poké Balls and take them to the tree. Here you will discover a world of amazing puzzles that our funny heroes simply adore. The rules here are simple enough to understand. You need to collect as many Poké Balls as possible. The more you collect them, the more points you get to your account. All subsequent levels will be more difficult, so be patient and use your brains!

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