Pokemon Pikachu

Pokemon Pikachu, a cute creature with whom we spent quite a lot of time, and who always tried to help people in any situation they found themselves in. But today the opposite is true, Pikachu himself asks for help. The place where the Pokemon ended up is very cold and damp, and deadly for our hero!

Pokemon Pikachu

Pikachu went to the Arctic Ocean, which is one of the coldest oceans. But what is he doing here? Maybe one of the evil Pokémon moved him here, or maybe Pikachu himself conjured something, but in any case, you should get out of here, and this can be done only by jumping on icebergs. You can try to return home using magic, but Pikachu is too cold and has no power at all. Jumping over pieces of icebergs, try not to get into the water, so as not to turn into a piece of ice, and after a successful jump, pick up pieces of cheese that Pokemon loves so much.

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