Gridpunk (3v3 Battle Royale)

A new real-time Gridpunk (3v3 Battle Royale) shooter in which you must be fast, accurate and smart to defeat the enemy. This is an online game that will be played by real players who have probably gained experience in similar shooters that belong to Battle Royale. Cool graphics and professional fighters will create an atmosphere of a real battle that will be remembered for a long time.

Gridpunk (3v3 Battle Royale) online game is full of many realistic elements that you can use during the gameplay. Each team of participants must interact in a coordinated manner in order to inflict maximum damage on the enemy. If each participant acts as he wants, then the current technique can harm the whole team. To prevent this from happening, you can open a chat to chat with your comrades. Pay attention to the equipment, weapons and other attributes that you will be given at the beginning of the game. You can upgrade your character with the points you earn.

Gridpunk (3v3 Battle Royale)
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