Funkin On a Monday - vs Garfield

In the Funkin On a Monday mod, Boyfriend's main competitor will be Garfield, as he loves to sing and also wants to be everyone's favorite. This is a cat who can dance cool despite his fat body, and he also has a good vocal, which he always shows off.

There will be several great tournaments in Funkin On a Monday - vs Garfield mod in which our participants will strive for victory and glory. With each subsequent game stage, musical compositions will become more complicated, and accordingly, more and more efforts will need to be applied to win. The beginning of the FNF game will not be very difficult, because Garfield has not yet gained vigor from sleep. He sat in a box, holding a microphone in his paw, and languidly muttered verses from a song. But when he finally cheered up, the game began to actively gain momentum and the dynamics went up. You need to watch the arrows and catch them with lightning speed, because the cat will be merciless.

Funkin On a Monday - vs Garfield
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