Friday Night Voltex Heavenly Haven

Ready to sing along to the sound of Voltex Heavenly Haven in FNF's new musical battle? Then it's better to sit down at computers and start a cool game. Your favorite characters will sing and dance to the famous sounds that have conquered the whole world.

There is no need to download music from third party sites because you can listen to it here and still have fun playing with the cool Friday Night Funkin characters. The rules of Voltex Heavenly Haven have not changed, and, as always, you will have to catch arrows that will fly from bottom to top. This game is more suitable for girls who have become fans of our rivals in this FNF mod, but some boys will also want to try to become champions here. We have nothing against, who wants to, let him play, the main thing is that everyone has fun!

Friday Night Voltex Heavenly Haven
Play Friday Night Voltex Heavenly Haven

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