Friday Night Gaming vs Loki V2

In this FNF V2 mod, you will meet up with buddy Loki to play video games and also fight in a rap battle. A friend is sick, she needs to stay at home to get treatment, and a guy is caring for her, so she cannot go to a party with friends.

Friday Night Gaming vs Loki V2

In Friday Night Gaming vs Loki V2 game you will feel at home, where your beloved girl and best friend will be nearby. What could be better and more beautiful than such a moment in life? There are no formidable rivals and monsters here. You need to easily play your favorite video game with a friend and sing some cool songs for a change. Of course, even if this is a battle between best friends, try not to be worse than your opponent.

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Rating: 4.1/5 - 8 votes

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