Friday Night Funkin with Stampy

This new Friday Night Funkin (FNF) mod with Stampy the fox is sure to please you as musical battle is an integral part of this game. This battle will take place with good intentions, as Boyfriend invited these characters to his birthday party.

In Friday Night Funkin with Stampy game, you will sing to the most famous musical novelties that hit the top charts around the world. As usual, you need to be careful and always click on the arrows correctly. I would not want the birthday boy to lose on this beautiful day and his mood deteriorated. In order for our hero to feel even happier, you need to try hard to defeat this fox. This opponent will sing very worthily, as he has sufficient musical experience behind him. Do not expect that if you are a birthday person, then concessions will be made to you in the competition. There will be a real musical duel among professionals.

Friday Night Funkin with Stampy
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